Aquatic plants and animals, such as Brazilian elodea, Eurasian watermilfoil, and zebra or quagga mussels may attach to the undersides of boats, to motors, and propellers, or in the sea chests and ballast water. They may be transported from one lake to another when the boat is moved, or in the case of tunicates, from one part of Puget Sound to another. Small aquatic species can stick to a wide variety of gear that enters the water, from water skis to float planes to dive suits.

Additional species that may be introduced or spread by this pathway include caulerpacommon reedEuropean green crabhydrillamarine clamsmitten crabNew Zealand mud snailnorthern snakehead fish, parrotfeatherpurple loosestrifesaltcedarspartina, and Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia virus.

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If you are an anglerhunter, or recreational boater or water user, you can help to prevent the spread of invasive species by making sure to clean your boat, trailers, and other equipment that enter the water.