The Washington Invasive Species Council often serves as a forum for invasive species education and communication. We invite you to learn more about some of our recent forum coordination efforts below.

Feral Swine: A Growing Threat 

Open House Meeting and Webinar 

To share information about feral swine identification, impacts, and the imminent threat to Washington State resources, the Washington Invasive Species Council held a meeting and Webinar on January 4, 2018.

Participants heard from experts about feral swine damage and impacts to crops, wildlife, and water quality, and learned about disease threats to livestock. The council also discussed what Washington is doing to prevent establishment of this new threat.


Pacific Northwest Northern Pike Forum

The Pacific NorthWest Economic Region partnered with the council and partners to convene a meeting at the 2018 Annual Pacific Northwest Economic Region Summit in Spokane to discuss northern pike and provide a forum for cross-border and jurisdictional discussion of the economic and environmental damages.


Scotch Broom Ecology and Management Symposium

To share information that could be used to address and mitigate impacts to Washington’s economy and natural resources, the council in partnership with the Snoqualmie Tribe Environmental and Natural Resources Department, Washington State agencies, the Scotch Broom Working Group, King County Noxious Weed Control Program, and a consortium of researchers held a statewide Scotch Broom Ecology and Management Symposium on May 23, 2017.