In 2024, the Washington Invasive Species Council established three annual awards to recognize individuals and organizations devoted to invasive species. The annual awards cycle begins on the day of the March council meeting and closes at 11:59 p.m. September 15. All nominations must be submitted using this form. Nominated individuals and organizations may be at the federal, state, tribal, or local level. Out-of-state nominees are welcome; however, their work must positively impact lands in Washington. Please direct questions to

Distinguished Leader Award

Recognizes a person who displays outstanding leadership, direction, advocacy and support to invasive species policy, prevention, or management.

Valiant Volunteer Award

Recognizes a person going above and beyond to prevent, contain, or manage invasive species in Washington. The volunteer’s efforts help protect Washington’s economy and natural and cultural resources from damaging invasive species.

Outstanding Organization Award

Recognizes an organization, program, and/or staff that demonstrate invasive species prevention and management through cooperation, communication, and coordinated action.

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