The most effective way to manage invasive species is to prevent them from establishing in the first place. Here are some easy ways you can be part of the solution!

What You Can Do

  • Landscape and garden with native plants. Many popular garden plants have escaped into parks and wilderness areas where they compete with native plants.
  • Ask your county weed board for help identifying invasive species in your yard.
  • Get a copy of the Garden Wise booklet to find alternatives to invasive garden plants.
  • Tell your local nursery owner that you are interested in native plants because they provide better habitat for birds and are often easier to care for.
  • Use native plants. To find a list of native plants suitable for your landscaping needs, visit the Washington Native Plant Society Web site. To create your own native plant landscape in Western Washington, visit the King County Native Plant Guide.
  • Do not release pets, aquatic plants, or aquarium water into the wild. Be careful when ordering on the Internet. Look for reputable sources that get plants and animals legally. To learn more, visit the Habitattitude Web site.
  • Clean your watercraft, trailer, and fishing equipment. Be careful not to release non-native fish or bait into the water. Watch a video on proper boat cleaning techniques.
  • Control the spread of invasive seeds. Wash boots and tires before hiking or biking in a new place.
  • Help eradicate invasive species by volunteering with the Pacific Northwest Invasive Plant Council.
  • Attend a Washington Invasive Species Council meeting.