If you are a hunter, you may encounter invasive plants such as common crupinagarlic mustardknapweeds, or yellow starthistle. Or you might be interested in tracking down feral swine.

What Can I Do?

Clean vehicles, equipment, personal gear, and animals. To prevent invasive species from hitching a ride on you, your animals, or your gear, you can take the following actions:

Clean your boat, trailers, and other equipment that entered the water. Specifically, you can:

  • Inspect your boat and equipment for mud, plants, fish, and animals, and remove everything you see.
  • Drain water from all equipment once you are on dry land.
  • Allow your boat and any equipment that entered the water to dry thoroughly before moving them.
  • Stop at boat inspection checkpoints in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and other states. You will not be subject to penalties if staff find aquatic invasive species on your boat.