Scotch broom is one of the most costly invasive species in the Pacific Northwest, with an annual potential impact of $143 million. The purpose of this symposium was to share information between natural resource managers and researchers and to share new and best practices to a wide audience.

Scotch Broom Symposium: YouTube Playlist

One of the many benefits to hosting the event online this year has been the ability to record and widely share the presentations, please visit the YouTube playlist to see the full library of presentations.

Day 1: Impacts and Research Session

Day 2: Management Actions Session

Day 3: Successful Approaches Session

Pesticide Applicator and Structural Pest Inspector License Recertification Credits

This event has been awarded six (two per day) rectification credits from the States of Washington and Oregon.

During registration, participants who were seeking re-certification credits were required to provide their full name, license number, and state of issue. To receive the credits, licensees also were expected to answer questions while attending the Webinars to prove participation. 

At this time, attendees lists have been provided to both the Oregon and Washington State Departments of Agriculture. Credits should be posted in your records soon. If you have questions about the pesticide re-certification credits, process, or timing please contact one of the agencies listed below.

Washington State Department of Agriculture:

Oregon State Department of Agriculture: