If you work in Washington’s forests, you may see a variety of invasive species, such as garlic mustardknapweeds, or Scotch broom. The health of the trees you work with may be affected, or be threatened, by gypsy moths or invasive wood-boring insects.

What Can I Do?

Clean vehicles, equipment, and personal gear. To prevent invasive species from hitching a ride on you or your gear, you can take the following actions:

  • Regularly inspect and remove caked-on soil and seeds from tires and undercarriages of any vehicles or equipment that moved between potentially infested and uninfested areas. See:
  • Limit travel through infestations, particularly when seeds are viable.
  • Inspect and brush your footwear and clothing clean of caked-on soil and seeds, particularly if you walk through an area of heavy invasive species infestation.

Educate others on the importance of not moving firewood. Foresters are uniquely positioned to educate others on the importance of buying firewood where it’s going to be burned. Encourage others to take the following actions: