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Noxious Weeds That Impact Riparian Habitat: Integrated Pest Management and Best Practices

Riparian areas represent a transition between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Riparian areas, like other ecosystems, are vulnerable to impacts from noxious weeds. Stewardship of riparian areas helps support numerous wildlife species, including many that we highly value such as salmon and steelhead. Join us for a recorded webinar exploring noxious weeds that impact riparian habitat both in Eastern and Western Washington. Speakers will introduce concepts of riparian health and stewardship, discuss identification and impacts of common and uncommon riparian noxious weeds, and share best practices and approaches for managing riparian health and the noxious weeds that threaten these valuable ecosystems.

Invasive Species Rapid Response Framework and Best Practices

The goal is simple: we must stop the spread of invasive species. However, the steps to achieving that goal are complex and nuanced. In this recorded Webinar, we review a framework for invasive species rapid response plans, and the best ways in which to implement them.

Flowering Rush in the Columbia River Basin

Flowering rush is an invasive aquatic and riverbank plant that is spreading in the Columbia River basin as well as other areas of the western United States and Canada. This Webinar starts with an overview of flowering rush characteristics, its impacts to habitat, and distribution in the West. Then we will discuss what is being done to address this threat to western waterways, including a summary of management trials and outcomes, an overview of biological control research, and plans for control in the Columbia basin recently developed by the Columbia Basin Cooperative Weed Management Area.

Washington Pest Watch: Washington’s First Detector Network

Do you enjoy Washington’s outdoors? Are you a hiker, hunter, or angler? Do you visit state and national parks or other public spaces? Do you have trees in your yard? If you answered yes to any of these, you have a great reason to become a first detector! This Webinar will introduce you to Washington Pest Watch, resources and tools, sample submission information, and upcoming training.

Improving Statewide Readiness & Response to Washington Forest Pest Risks

Forest pests can have costly, irreversible effects on the forests they infest and communities they impact. The council hosted a Webinar on “Improving Statewide Readiness and Response to Washington Forest Pest Risks” on October 29, 2019. The webinar provided an overview of Washington’s new Urban Forest Pest Readiness Playbook. The playbook is a tool to prepare communities for potential pest outbreaks through self-assessments and recommended actions. The purpose is to close the gap in readiness and response capabilities between community leaders managing urban forests and state and federal responders.

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