Infectious Amphibian Diseases

Scientific Name: Iridoviridae sp. and Batrachochytruim dendrobatidis What Are They? Ranaviruses and amphibian chytrid fungus are diseases that infect amphibians, and are responsible for large-scale die-offs of multiple species in the Pacific Northwest. Are They Here Yet? Yes. Certain amphibian ranaviruses are present across Washington, and amphibian chytrid fungus is present in amphibian populations in […]

September 18, 2019
Infectious Shellfish Diseases

What Are They? Just like humans, shellfish can be infected with bacteria or viruses that cause disease. When these diseases spread, they may cause significant ecological and economic harm. One group of concerning viruses for Washington shellfish are those belonging to the ostreid herpes viruses (OsHW-1), including the California variant and the related OsHV-1 microvariant. […]

September 18, 2019
White-Nose Syndrome

Scientific name: Pseudogymnoascus destructans What Is It? White-nose syndrome is a disease caused by the fungus Pseudogymnoascus destructans. The fungus infects bats in the winter when they hibernate in colonies. The fungus grows on the wings, ears, and muzzle of the bat, which disrupts physiological processes (e.g. thermoregulation) causing them to wake from hibernation and […]

August 29, 2019
Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus

What Is It? Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) is a deadly fish virus and aquatic invasive species that attacks and weakens the blood vessels of fish. Broken blood vessels and severe blood loss ultimately cause death. It afflicts more than 50 species of freshwater and marine fish in several parts of the northern hemisphere. Scientists are […]

August 8, 2019