Get those creative juices flowing, and maybe even have your poem showcased during Washington Invasive Species Awareness Week!

Contest Rules

Please use one of the following for the poem style:

Haiku: Three lines with the first and third lines containing five syllables and the second line seven syllables. In the traditional Japanese poetry, a haiku is based on observations. It can relate to nature and usually focuses on one image. It usually has a sudden tone change in the last line, as the poet has a sudden realization or moment of insight.

Limerick: Five lines with the rhyming pattern AABBA. The nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock is an example of a limerick.

Acrostic: This type of poem spells out a word (or words) with the first letter of each line. The word it spells out is the overall theme of the poem. In this case, it can be the invasive species of choice or an important message the author wants to relay.

Free verse: No strict syllable limitation or rhyming scheme, (although some rhyming throughout the poem is strongly encouraged).

To Enter

Submit the submission form by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on February 20, 2024.


One winner will be selected per poem category. Winners will have their poems posted on the council’s social media, along with informational posts on the chosen species. They also will receive invasive species swag, including a holographic sticker and cold drink cozie.