The Washington Department of Agriculture’s Spongy Moth Program successfully has prevented spongy moth establishment for fifty years! Celebrate the fiftieth anniversary by taking a deep dive into spongy moth biology and management. Speakers will discuss the different species and subspecies of spongy moth and the flighted spongy moth complex; their impacts, detections, and eradication; the trapping program’s successes and challenges; and ways the public can help. One pesticide recertification credit from the Washington Department of Agriculture has been requested. Register here.

Speaker bios

Cassie Cichorz works for the Washington State Department of Agriculture in the Plant Protection Division under the Pest Management Program. She works to educate residents about emerging pests so they can help safeguard Washington to protect agriculture and natural resources.

Susan Brush is currently the Acting Invasive Moths Survey Coordinator for the Washington State Department of Agriculture. She works to conduct statewide surveillance to identify new populations of spongy moth and prevent establishment in Washington.